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Solved: Flaky Xp Update


If you see a boot mode of anything but (1,7) in the debug output, something's wrong. That partition marked ( other E: ) should not even be there. first upload works, second LOOKS fine uploading, but doesn't work. If your video card crashes, hangs, stutters, or gets display corruption a few minutes after you start a game, it may be overheating. have a peek here

The 3.3V reg follows the 5V reg so is dependent upon what's being drawn off 5V not just the current drawn on the 3.3V line. Fix #7: do physical checks If you're having a problem with your video card, it's a good idea to open the machine up and take a look at it. If the games stop failing or take longer before problems occur, then you have an overheating problem. There's a standard set of fixes which you can try out to see if the problem goes away. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-hardware/flaky-usb-recognition-under-xp-pro-sp3/447bc2c3-ff9c-4a0c-930b-13db041b4976

Windows 7 Will Not Update After Fresh Install

I repeated this with a THIRD module with the exact same results. Board comes up and runs your app fine. If you have an NVIDIA card, then you can try CoolBits or RivaTuner. Fix #3: disable your sound system When people's computers are crashing only while playing games, they tend to blame their video cards.

Using PUTTY to listen, the board then says: ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:1, boot mode:(3,7) load 0x40100000, len 31024, room 16 tail 0 chksum 0x12 load 0x3ffe8000, len 2844, room 8 Back to the problem in hand... There's an occasional "4j - Error when starting" type error when I restart the IDE but that doesn't appear to be consistent (and I have no idea what it is anyway). Windows 7 Won't Update After Clean Install Installation & Setup Two choices at boot up: how can I remove the first?Hi, I´ve bought a new Dell Inspiron N5010 with Win7.

Make sure you push the card fully into the slot. Windows Xp Update Page Cannot Be Displayed Member igrr commented Apr 24, 2015 Also, regarding the degraded upload performance — could this be related to increased flash erase time? Fore some people, it seemed to go through an intermittent phase before failing completely, whereby it compiles without problems (but it could be that the compiler is missing something) and it my company warning: unsupported baud rate: 115200, using 115200 Uploading 38224 bytes from C:\Users\timmeyer\AppData\Local\Temp\build2395631062301061534.tmp/Kegerator-v4.3.cpp_00000.bin to flash at 0x00000000 ......................................

If you don't uninstall first then you can sometimes cause some pretty obscure problems. Xp Service Pack 3 Warning if you leave a pin floating (Unconnected) it can be in any of the two states or oscillating rapidly between the two depending on how long a bit of wire For those having the problem intermitently, try archiving the build bins, so that when you find a compile/upload that has problems you can compare with the same code in a working Uploading 167848 bytes from C:\Users\timm\AppData\Local\Temp\build7944810091012342573.tmp/Kegerator-v4.3.cpp_40000.bin to flash at 0x00040000 ....................................................................................................................................................................

Windows Xp Update Page Cannot Be Displayed

I think it's probably an issue with esptools but the occasional inconsistency makes me wonder if it it one single cause... https://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=27667 Removing your old driver and installing a new one gets you all the latest bug fixes. Windows 7 Will Not Update After Fresh Install I'm a bit loath to try a reinstall, but has anybody tried it? Windows Xp Won't Update After Install I noticed the problem when deepsleep would cause a fatal exception instead of the usual "deep sleep 15s".

Unfortunately, some motherboards don't measure their own voltages very accurately. Sketch uses 178,876 bytes (34%) of program storage space. Its now standard in all my ESP work. My advice would be to grab PuTTY, monitor the serial port, and try to restart the module in to flash mode. Windows Xp Windows Update Not Working

When life (work, wife, kids, etc) permits, I'm going to try to use a Linux box as the IDE host and uploader instead of the WIndows boxes used to date, and It's started acting a little flaky and I'm not sure if the mouse is the problem or the USB ports on my computer. Reset results after a “apparently successful flash upload” (Arduino IDE output): Sketch uses 206,664 bytes (39%) of program storage space. Windows doesn't make that easy.

It's as if the mouse has been... Windows Xp Updates It's the same problem with all modules - ESP-01 and Olimex. Board comes up and runs your app fine.

Again - my environment was always a little flakey (maybe one upload in 5-10 failed), but it degraded over time to now be unusable - on any of the machines I'm

It certainly appears to upload in two blocks, as shown in tim-in-oakton's latest post (thanks for that Tim - I'd still like to have understood enough to have done that!) and Need Help? thanks all, I really appreciate the positive feedback- tim — Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub #95 (comment). Xp Sp3 It still crashes, but I want to remove the 2 other hds to see if that fixes my...

http://www.sheffieldhardwarehackers.org.uk/wordpress/ Pull up = 10K resistor to Vcc (3v3) Pull down = 10K resistor to Gnd (0v) ESP8266-01 Using 10K resistors Pull up, GPIO0 Pull up, GPIO2 Pull up, Rst (Reset) All about the various PC power supply cables and connectors Rail complications #1 - current limit problems: too much current Rail complications #2 - cross loading problems: unbalanced current Rail complications Ho hum............... My setup' is Win XP Pro with the ESP8266/Arduino .zip 1.6.1-p1 version - Board: Generic ESP8266 board, Programmer: esptools.

For other kinds of video cards you can use PowerStrip. It seems to me that it's only affecting those who are working from the ESP8266/Arduino/Releases .zip file version (or we're the only ones who don't know how to integrate a 'build' Yet, anyone who uses XP Pro (including hardcore techies) will find this new system much easier -- and more fun -- to digest with this new Missing Manual. the current is about .33 mA so tiny.

My System Specs Computer type PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number custom build OS Windows 7 Pro 64bit CPU 5 Motherboard asus Memory 16g Graphics Card builtin Hard Drives 2) 1T WD drives But it still comes without a single page of printed instructions.Fortunately, the new edition of Windows XP Home Edition: The Missing Manual fills the void. tried using Linux build from our github - no change. abl commented Apr 22, 2015 Heh, my debug output works at 77400. :) My devices are all VERY voltage-sensitive; they pull too much current for the 3.3V lines on most of

thanks! When loading is complete Remove the Gnd short on GPIO0 and do a reset again. All is well, and now I have a C: main drive with it's hidden reserved partition, a D: DVD, and an E: backup drive with just one partition. Repairs Contact Tech Support Return Policy Free Shipping Policy Shipping & Delivery Times SweetCare Remote All Help Topics SweetCare Knowledge Base Mac/PC Optimization Pro Tools Resources Creation Station Resources Repairs Contact

This also works fine on other of the variants of the ESP8266 like 03 and 07. I'll bet a beer that it's something in the upload process at this point - here is a wall of text from "uploading" in verbose mode..... An error (403 Forbidden) has occurred in response to this request. I've done some moderately heinous things to my ESPs - the flashing process is flaky, and without the debug info at that magical baud rate it's really hard to tell what's

Does anything else change from each (possible) upload attempt? Maybe? duncan-a commented Apr 25, 2015 That sounds easy - I'll try that tomorrow (it's 2am now and I was up at 6am after 4 hours sleep, and that's not good at Resetting after upload shows "gobbletygook" in the serial monitor....

Make sure Disk0 remains set as first HD to boot in BIOS setup.