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Solved: Got A Nasty Bug

Johnson Shiue ([email protected])QA Engineer, InventorAutodesk, Inc. In XCOM 2 UnrealEd, I setup the weapon materials and it looks fine, but when I load it to the game, the materials of the weapon turn black, and I can't oldal - EFF's interests at various standards bodies and consortia, and at the United Nations' World Intellectual Property Organization. I worked around this problem by replacing the Microsoft Blue-screen window with a “green” screen that displayed dedicated information.

And lastly, the nasty element, when this bug hits it will always lead to an inevitable crash. The book is a collection of "articles". I use... However, one of our customers experienced mysterious “freezes” when running a fairly small system load in their staging environment. More Bonuses

Back to top Back to XCOM 2 Mod Talk Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: dev help, xcom 2, modbuddy, troubleshooting Nexus Site Forums → Nexus site forums And I started to notice a sort ofpattern. Any threads holding a read lock, including their stack traces. Eventually after receiving a fewout-of-order packets, the receiver tried to back off by increasing timeouts.This perfectly illustrates the bursty nature of the traffic.

Since the function never exited, I could later take a digital camera and photograph my messages.Since “MyBugCheckHandler” is just a function, it can call other kernel API’s. I'm at my wits end here; I've tried everything that I could possibly think of. I also removed the mods so that Modbuddy doesn't detect the mods during shader compiling, but that doesn't do anything. The packets contained a monotonic counter so I could see if any packets were being corrupted or lost.Running this test and capturing packets on the wire revealed the same problem.

Since then, I have fallen in love with my kernel debugger. I don't think so, but it's possible. Sadly I got a new Sales Manager job, so never got the chance to finish the loading and learning about genetic sequencing.In summary, we identified about 80-90% of modem chipsets (which https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/4478705-trying-to-solve-a-nasty-bug-when-certain-materials-become-black-for-weapons/ Or victory, as you prefer.

We obviously couldn't ship the game with that bug, and after six weeks I still had no clue what the problem was. The crash was occurring only after the PC was being driven through rough terrain, sometimes a day after and sometimes a week after. But I am happier about the results. As a baseline, I measured the system performance before changing anything, and then got to work.

  1. Thisseemed to work ok.
  2. Not even debug forcing can change the stuck outfit.
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  4. Yet by matching up the sequence numbers, it showed thepackets were being `ACK`ed by the other end.
  5. I suspect it has something to do with involuted feature dependency: patterned feature is also a parent of the path.

Aprotocol layer abstracted away the TCP/IP networking (which also allowed forserial interfaces) and had its own read and write buffers. http://modthesims.info/t/563326 This is now submitted as a bug to Sun, but I have yet to get a confirmation and bug number. It failed. "Wait, what? As for Firebase, it is now patched and released to use manually tracked re-entrance for read/write locks through the entire server when running under Java5, looking, again very much simplified, like

First step on the way: getting stack dumps when the system is frozen. This explained why packets appeared to be sent or received at the higher layers, but were in fact lost in the intermittently garbled transfers. None had any impact. But for now, to testthe issue, the Hardware Engineer broke out the soldering iron and fixed therouting by hand on our development system. (We were fortunate that the clocksignal was on

Believe. Well, a lot of debugging infrastructure needed to be written. It had to be something simple, after all - we've had this same code working on other products for many months in the field.I figured a few hours would probably be He is the coeditor of the popular weblog Boing Boing (boingboing.net).

Whatever that was, everyday, athletic, that is what they will stick to wearing no matter how many times you try to get them to wear something else. But this does not always happen, their faces may not disappear. No dice.At this point, my best hunch pointed to a bug in the TCP/IP library.

Johnson Shiue ([email protected])QA Engineer, InventorAutodesk, Inc.

The RTOS kernel was perfectly happy and running smoothly.Keep digging...Third layer: TCP/IP tuningThe TCP/IP stack we were using has a boatload of parameters you can configure at build time, including its It was a hardware problem.I've never been totally clear on what the exact problem was, but my impression from what I heard back from Sony HQ was that setting the programmable All that work helped - but it was still not enough. It would configure, control, and monitor the hardware.

What could possibly go wrong?The first thing the microprocessor does when you connect is to dump the statusof the entire system. There's a lot of information to be had from a ReentrantReadWriteLock, including the threads waiting for either read or write privileges, and the thread holding a write lock (if any), but I decided to keep digging.Second layer: networking and OSUnderneath the protocol code was a high level interface for networking. The clock lets the hardware device -- which isn't directly connected to the CPU -- stay in sync with the code the CPU is running.

Our product Firebase is designed to offload threading issues and scalability from game developers to a generic platform. Many thanks! InbvIsBootDriverInstalled). I verified thecorrect register flags and values, but while I was reading I noticed there weresome counter registers which collected counts of certain types of media(physical layer) errors.I added some code

Absolutely nobody had any problems with the memory card system.About the only thing you can do when you run out of ideas debugging is divide and conquer: keep removing more and And it's hardly ever the fault of the hardware. Not. Of course, I couldn't put up the load/save menu at that point because I'd stubbed out all the graphics code.

Posts: 1,039 Thanks: 10221 in 72 Posts 15 Achievements Nasty game-breaking bug - maybe hot tubs? Curses, foiled again!Ok, how do I eliminate the TCP/IP stack from the equation? He's an autodidact programmer, former opera singer, and lunch time poet. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

I kept a monotonic sequence counterand copied this into the binary ping blob at the correct offset, which I passeddirectly to the driver, with my workstation hardcoded as the destination. Finally, fullthroughput was achieved. I ended up debugging that code for six weeks. It was agonizing.The symptom was that you'd go to save your progress and it would access the memory card, and almost all the time, it worked normally...

After days of chasing ghosts, I didn't want to getmy hopes up.It worked! I went back to the full Crash Bandicoot code base, and modified the load/save code to reset the programmable timer to its default setting (100 Hz) before accessing the memory card,