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Solved: File Type Distribution Analysis: Batch File.

For this first running, just check the RF module in the solver setting. A6: The easiest way to trasfer a part from Pro/E to ANSYS is through an IGES file. run analysis and define solution label 3bar_mcs /com /com, Review the results of the probabilistic analysis /com PDSENS,MCS3BAR,TVOL,BOTH,RANK,0.025 !Create Sensitivity plot fini /exit1.8.4.Using the GUI for the PDS AnalysisBecause of the Offering a comprehensive coverage of engineering applications, this book is an essential tool for electrical, electronic and instrument engineers in the oil and chemicals processing sectors. http://visu3d.com/solved-file/solved-file-compression.html

Please see the attached image for the clear view of what it shows? located at the vertex of the three truss members. I also tried to run both of the individual comsol files one by one but they are displaying just the usual results and no batching is taking place. Batch file: input In general I would encourage you to read up on any of the commands you find in these files. http://www.grokkinggeostudio.com/blog/solving-in-batch-mode/

Attachments: comsolbatch.docx mw_batch1.mph Reply | Reply with Quote | Send private message | Report Abuse Muhammad Mohsin Rehman October 31, 2011 2:56am UTC in response to John H. This can be a good choice when the predominant consumption profile is MapReduce style streaming analysis, with only occasional random lookup. How to use COMSOL batch to solve many files repeatedly without GUI? We all have limited quotas.

  • You must define a path by picking nodes on your model that define your desired path.
  • Thank you Hi, Have you worked out how to solve many .mph files repeatedly using COMSOL batch?
  • The Define a Random Variable dialog box appears.In the list of parameter names, click ARE3.
  • In ANSYS one of the principals ought to be at least O(2) less than the other two (or one if uniaxial).

This post helps www.comsol.com/community/forums/general/thread/31918/ as well as running comsolbatch --help from the command line (see screenshot) Attachments: comsolbatch_capture.PNG Reply | Reply with Quote | Send private message | Report Here is a breakdown nohup -- UNIX command; "no hangup"; run in the background nice +20 -- UNIX command; add 20 to process priority; this means ANSYS will use spare CPU I am copying and pasting this text into the Notepad file and saving this text document as batch_result.bat in the COMSOL directory win32 folder as you mentioned. Please find attached an image(RF.jpeg) result of the first part which is related to Microwaves heating(RF Module).

Choose the option based on what you are exporting (i.e. The individual log records are only a couple of hundred bytes. wireframe?). for /f "tokens=*" %%a in (‘date /t') do echo %%a for /f "tokens=*" %%a in (‘time /t') do echo %%a echo.

If I have 2 files, I do it twice but looks like there is a better way to submit batch jobs automatically and am hoping someone can explain it. The problem with your batch file is the space characters in the file names. Unless otherwise prompted, ANSYS will solve for the stresses at the Guass points and extropolate to the nodes. That target is then used as source for subsequent queries and processing.

I think I should use something like "comsol batch -input myfile.mph" and that should suffice, however, COMSOL quits saying that the file doesn't contain a mesh. https://itpeernetwork.intel.com/hadoop-batch-file-processing-with-hive-part-2/ Make a few line graphs (stress vs. This solution can result in temporary data inconsistency, since there will be multiple copies of same data during the time required to aggregate to a large file, and to delete the The *.db files can get as large as 50MB or more.

Do we also have an efficient way to create those thousands of files? http://visu3d.com/solved-file/solved-file-permissions.html Export IGES from Pro/E and read into ANSYS. If the stress gradient is too steep, the unaveraged stresses will change too quickly (visually, from red to blue). Can you please suggest some thing else?

Radioisotope Gauges for Industrial Process Measurements combines theoretical background with practical experience in order to present an accessible overview...https://books.google.com/books/about/Radioisotope_Gauges_for_Industrial_Proce.html?id=GkKm8cDNq1YC&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareRadioisotope Gauges for Industrial Process MeasurementsMy libraryHelpAdvanced Book SearchBuy eBook - $153.59Get this It turns out that solely using interactive ANSYS has several disadvantages Interactive use requires the user to save the model geometry and mesh in a *.db file and the results in Real-Life Application Is this a useful feature?  I'm not really sure. have a peek here How can I do it?

check the results (see attached picture2) By the way, for your failure running, I’m not sure whether it has something to do with the windows operation system or the Comsol version. The Change Jobname dialog box appears.Change the jobname to pds3bar.pdan and click OK.Select menu path UtilityMenu> File> Read Input from. Use the PCG solver.

Hi, I am working with comsol in Linux.

In part 1 we provided a simple example and a Hive solution that addressed some of the issues above. Please find attached my model file as well for your reference and check why heat is not propagating deep into the fluid? Is it possible to do it by .bat file? 12 Nate 08.14.12 at 9:11 am Thanks for the tip about the Polish letters. Your post is very useful for me.

Otherwise comsolbatch will just see D:\folder for the input file name and quit. Thank you Reply | Reply with Quote | Send private message | Report Abuse Ali Saad April 6, 2011 10:00am UTC in response to Roy Shiloh Re: How to use COMSOL When users first begin to use ANSYS, interactively clicking through the menus is far easier than sifting through pages of cryptic batch file commands. http://visu3d.com/solved-file/solved-file-config-ini.html For long jobs, interactive use ties up a console.

The answer will depend a bit on what type of analysis you are running, what parameters you are varying, and what you are wanting to do with the results. How can I use this temperature distribution as input to the rest of the part of the geometry,which is only in the surrounding of the port area (temperature distribution in the Using a Batch File for the Analysis describes how to create an analysis file. Otherwise, we must seek another solution.

Hi, If I understand you correctly, you mean in your model the geometry for the RF module and for the Heat Transfer module is different, i.e., for the RF module, the SequenceFiles are splitable, and also support compression, particularly at block level. Box package PC MAGAZINE PC-DOS port printer processor puter RATLIFF READER SERVICE CARD records registered trademark reports screen serial specific speed spreadsheet standard SuperCalc Systran Tecmar tion tutorial variable VisiCalc VisiCorp specify direct Monte Carlo simulation PDDMCS,100,NONE,ALL,,,,123457 !

The absolute answers won't necessarily be correct, but the trends ought to be. Never use linear triangles or linear tetrahedra in structural problems. if exist %%f "%geodir%\geostudio" "%%f" /solve:all /log:"%logfile%" /autoexit ) pause This code runs automatically all the analysis in the current folder, but I want only my specific, so the last line or if you have two Studies, how to instruct Comsol to compute either the 1st or 2nd study?

How to start "Compute"? Rather than detailing them here in the comments, I wrote another entry. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Many thanks in advance for any feedback!

Click OK.Type 5 in the MEAN VALUE field and 0.5 in the STANDARD DEVIATION field.